Modern Electrical Infrastructure

Date Updated: 25 October 2016, Views:13410

Demirtaş Organized Industry Zone procure continuous, quality and competitively priced electricity to participant companies through its' underground distribution network. DOSAB, has taken distribution license from Energy Market Regulation Committee in January 31, 2008 within the frame of Regulation Regarding Organized Industrial Zones' Electricity Market Activities. Turkey Electricity Transmission Co. At Demirtaş Submission which is owned by (TEİAŞ), there are two transformer with a power of 154 kV/34.5 kV 100 MVA has allocated to DOSAB’. There are total of 9 DOSAB Feeder connected to buses which are fed by these transformers.

DOSAB Medium Voltage Electricity Distribution Network is composed of 20 distribution center and total of 262 medium voltage cell located at these centers as well as 535.09 km XLPE high voltage underground cable. These underground cables mentioned are divided to 186.56 kilometer of 1x240 mm² XLPE, 25.2 kilometer of 1x185 mm² XLPE, 317,63 kilometer of 1x95mm² XLPE, 4.5 kilometer of 1x120 mm² XLPE and 1.2 kilometer of 1x50 mm² LPE cables. DOSAB, has completed to build a modern infrastructure for distributing electricity to companied in the zone between 2003-2007 by remarkable investments.

Electricity distribution has been regulated as closed circle network that is being fed from same bus. Thanks to this design, if there is a failure at any point of circle line, energy distribution continues smoothly. By the year of 2014, converting pole type substations to concrete substations has completed. In this context, 91 companies' pole type substation has been transformed to concrete substations.

Total installed power of DOSAB participants is 513 MVA and demanded power is 165,9 MW. These numbers are applicable by the first quarter of 2016. Electricity consumption of 2015 in the zone was 1.1 billion kWh. There are 476 electricity subscriber at the zone.