SCADA, Counter Automation and Communication System

Date Updated: 25 October 2016, Views:13398

Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone SCADA, Counter Automation, Communication System and Infrastructure Project has commissioned at the end of 2012. System is one and only of its' kind in Turkey and exemplary investment which has integrated structure that allows to monitor and control all the infrastructure needed by organized industrial zone from one center. SCADA equipment has allocated to customer parcels, medium voltage distribution centers, natural gas zone regulators, water tanks and wells, make possible to instantly monitor and control of sources that distributed and managed (electricity, natural gas, water and waste water). Main communication medium of system is fiber optic which is the fastest and most reliable and most compatible media in communication technology. Fiber optical web that has been established between distribution centers, collects data from all DOSAB zone and carries to SCADA Center located at DOSAB Administration Center. Communication switches installed to panels of Medium Voltage Distribution Centers distributed around DOSAB, transmits SCADA System data and CCTV System images over that fiber optic network. Backbone switches and servers at SCADA Control Center are process data from the site and make them ready for operators.

System that allows to monitor and control DOSAB’s distribution infrastructure in one center is composed of following components;

• Electricity, Natural Gas, Drinking Water, Process Water, Natural Gas Distribution Networks and Waste Water Discharge System,

• Electricity, Natural Gas, Counter Reading System for Drinking and Waste Water Networks,

• CCTV System,

• Communication System (IP phone, video talk and metro ethernet service over fiber optic infrastructure).

As well as instant monitoring and control capability, thanks to archive feature, controlled network's data can be monitored retrospectively. System has designed in a open architecture which make possible to data exchange with probable future systems. Distributed sources such as electricity, natural gas and water networks is monitored and controlled by SCADA system. In addition to SCADA System, Enviys Counter Automation Software reads the values on all counters connected to DOSAB area RTU’s and saves that information to Enviys database. Software offers that data as easily understandable reports, graphics and tables. This system also creates bills and notifications and companies can monitor consumption data on Internet.

CCTV System monitors and records with total of 63 cameras (53 stable, 10 moving). Thanks to this system critical points of electricity, natural gas and water networks within DOSAB area (distribution centers, zone regulators, warehouses, wells, etc.), crossroads, entrance - exit points of DOSAB zone and attraction centers can be monitored. Additionally, according to protocol signed with Bursa Police Department, Demirtaş Police Station is integrated to zone and has given to access to some cameras.

eBA software has commissioned to maintain paperwork in electronic environment. Incoming and outgoing documents and permission processes monitored over eBA.