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Today's Demirtaş Industrial Organized Zone's (DOSAB) construction has begun with Turkish Automobile Factory Corporation's (TOFAŞ) foundations has been laid in April 13, 1969 and opened as well as Sönmez ASF Facilities' establishment in 1971. The number of companies conducting business in the zone has increased in 1980’s and representatives of this companies has united under a roof of association and agreed to solve the problem and act cooperatively. In this context, president Mustafa Karaer and 9 founding member has established Demirtaş Industrialists Association which is called today as (Demirtaş Organized Industry Zone Industrialists and Businessmen Association) DOSABSİAD. One of the aims of this association was upgrading industry zone to ‘Organized industry zone’. After significant hard work and initiatives, within the scope of investment program that issued in Official Gazette with number of 20382, at December, 24 1989, establishing Demirtaş Organized Industry Zone has added to plans and finally DOSAB has established in 1990.

Demirtaş Organized Industry Zone's establishment protocol has been registered and gained entity in April 06, 2001 as part of Organized Industrial Zones Law that has been applicable since April 15 2000 by the number of 4562. DOSAB, has been administered by Entrepreneur Council until 2009 and after that the era of General Assembly has started.

Completed all infra and superstructure investment, offering quality, continuous and cost effective energy and services to participants and creating difference with social premises as well as social projects DOIZ, has been acknowledged as one of the best OIZ's in Turkey. At first, DOSAB's has landed on the area of 300 hectares. After additions of some sections overtime aggregate land of DOSAB is 482 hectares at today. 348 hectares of land has been occupied by industrial parcels. 301 of total 348 parcels are occupied and 47 of them are empty.

By the year of 2016, there are 429 company is in business in the zone and total employment of these organizations are about 43 K people

In 2016; DOSAB has been ranked 14th within the list that declared by İstanbul Chamber of Industry which is comprising of Turkey's Biggest 1,000 Industrial Organization and there are 43 of DOSAB company took place within the list declared by Bursa Chamber of Industry and Commerce which is comprising of Bursa’s 250 Biggest Companies.


1990 - 1993 Mustafa Karaer
1994 - 1996 Adnan Şentürk
1996 - 1997 Ali Yedikardeş
1997 - 1998 Mehmet İyigüllü
1998 - 1998 Mustafa Karaer
1998 - 2000 Adil Gökçadır
2000 - 2001 Hüseyin Karabacak
2001 - 2003 Mustafa Taşdelen
2003 - 2011 R.Ertuğrul Kaplan
2011 - 2016 Ferudun Kahraman
2016 - 2017 İlhan Sarı
2017 -... H.Ersan Özsoy