Completed Infrastructure and Superstructure

Date Updated: 11 February 2012, Views:5503

Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone’s establishment protocol in the scope of Organized Industrial Zones Law #4562, which took effect in April 15, 2000, was registered in April 06, 2001 and it obtained legal entity status.

Upon obtaining legal entitystatus, pursuant to OIZ Law, Underground Power Distribution System (2003), Natural Gas Distribution System (2004), Consumption and Process Water, Fire Protection Water, Rainwater, Sewage, Telecommunication Networks, Road Infrastructure and Superstructure Construction, pavements, curbs, parks and landscaping were carried out as per the needs of the industrial businesses in the zone.

DOSAB provides all kinds of infrastructure facilities to its participants while creating a ‘healthy living and sports’ environment in a ‘healthy organized industrial zone’ with its recreational facilities.

DOSAB is an organized industrial zone that has completed all its infrastructure and superstructure construction works. Electricity, natural gas, telecommunication, rain, sewer, process and consumption water network infrastructure investments are completed. Since the beginning of 2003 the zone has decided not to give permission for excavation work to any company outside the block so infrastructures of the zone are controlled from a central location and an excavation standard is established for the zone.

As part of superstructure all roads and streets were asphalted, paved, curbed, traffic redirection and information signs were installed, green area arrangements were completed. A total of 40 km road has been asphalted, 130 thousand square meters of irrigated grean area was established, 23.7 km of curbs and pavements were installed 24.3 km of rain and sewer lines were constructed.

Consumption water and process water renovation works were completed in 2008. Thus, consumption water network is renewed with almost completely PE (polyethylen), and non-existent process water network was completed in 3 years.

2 tanks with 10,000 ton process water capacity each, were built in waste water purification area and in the zone and with that regulation more stable, constant-pressure process water is provided. Investment infrastructure for an advanced purification that will enable 70% of the water discharged in waste water purification systems to be recovered as process water is created.