DOSAB; A Success Story...

Date Updated: 29 April 2019, Views:6649

Turkey has chosen industry as the ‘leading sector’ during the planned development period that initialized in 1960, and Bursa has become an important center. Implementation of ‘Organized Industrial Zones - OIZ’, which is one of the incentives for the development of industry, has first begun in Bursa in 1962.

OIZ is implemented with a view to disciplining the industry, planned urbanization, increased efficiency, building a healthy, inexpensive, dependable infrastructure, and shared recreational facilities, preventing pollution by building shared purification facilities, managing zones via their own bodies under supervision of the government.

Industrial formation seen in Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone in 1970s, has created one of the biggest OIZs in Turkey today. DOSAB, which had obtained OIZ status in 1990, has become the most convinient zone for industry with the start of 2000s. DOSAB got up to date with power, natural gas, waste water purification, water, road, communication infrastructures, landscaping, vocational-technical training center, social projects and recreational facility investments made after 2003. It has became an exemplary zone that fulfills the goals of an OIZ. DOSAB is a success story and this story was written with unity of regional industrialists.


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